We are a family owned business (mom, daughter, son team) working out of our home in Southern NH. 

After years of struggling to find skin care products that were both natural and healing, we finally met a farmer who educated us on the amazing healing properties of tallow and emu oil. 

We're now making a life long effort to promote a natural, holistic lifestyle. Toxins surround us every day, and one of the easiest ways to eliminate toxins and treat your body good is to switch to all natural personal care/ hygiene products. 

Tallow and emu oil are rich with medicinal properties making them the perfect option for helping you heal your skin by giving your skin exactly what it needs - nourishment.

We lovingly make all of our tallow balms in small batches, in our very own kitchen. We source our ingredients from responsible, regenerative farmers, and our products never include harmful toxins.

Our tallow balms are an all natural, healing remedy for countless skin ailments.